I wouldn’t describe us as having a close relationship, though we had a clear connection. He was my big brother, but didn’t really live with him very long. Maybe 5 years or so of my early childhood. Just long enough to feel tortured from time to time by the time I was 12. When I moved away, and saw him less and less, I really didn’t identify as having any siblings.

Only now do I see how he influenced me. His sensation for my curiosity of technology as he allowed me to mess with his stereo. His positive, laid back energy. His appeal to design and creativity, in a way that came out in the form of CAD designs.

He is missed. As I obsevvivley draw up new home designs and tweak here, tweak there. CTRL-A + DEL, and try one more time. I think of him and the detail he must of brought to his work. Like my father, he was known for quality work, if not quality relationships, but still, one who others looked up to. I aim to keep his memory alive through similar dedication.